Let us present “Wildheart” to the world!

Finally this big day has come for us to release the “Wildheart” song on all major digital platforms as well as a music video with lyrics. We are truly blessed and proud to be able to present this song to the world and we hope that it will remind all listeners to pay a little pinch of thought to all kids growing up having a tough time due to anxiety, panic disorders and other symptoms related to neuropsyciatric disorders such as ADHD, ADD, Asperger and Autism.

With the right help, support and a belief in themselves the kids will do well, even with this type of challanges.

You will be able to listen to the song on Spotify, iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, Tidal, and more.

A BIG and WARM thanks to all the wonderful talented awesome friends who helped us make this project and song come true:

My wonderful kids:
Andreas, Simon and Josephine

Co-writers from Nashville:
Adam McDonough
Rick McDonough

Adam McDonough – Vocals
Josephine Aurora Gunnebro – Vocals
Travis Toy – Pedal Steel
Peter Gunnebro – Guitars
Petter Wåhlberg – Mandolin
Jens Larsson – Piano
Linus Nivrén – Electric bass
Ola Högberg – Drums

Music Production:
Micke Ludwigsson – Mastering

Video Production:
Linus Grane – Video filming, editing and production
Undri – The horse
Moa Johansson – Horse owner
Fredrik Karlsson – Land owner
Lena Andrén – Food and field service
Ola Andrén – Food and field service

Sonny Jonasson

All of you who has supported us throughout this project and keep spreading the word about “Wildheart” to the world!

Peter Gunnebro

2 thoughts on “Let us present “Wildheart” to the world!”

  1. Absolutely fantastic, maybe I’m over-sentimental, but tears dropped!
    Love it! fantastic, maybe I’m over-sentimental, but tears dropped!
    Love it! it!

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