Video shooting day for Wildheart

Today we have been shooting the music video for “Wildheart”.

The weather was fantastic and Linus Grane (the video guy) and Josephine were doing a fantastic job for nearly six hours! 
Thanks to my wonderful sister and some really nice and helpful countryside folks they would let us lend their beautiful natural scenes and actors (the cows and horses) to shoot the video in genuine country style.

When we got hungry after a few hours of shooting my sister Lena called us in as she had cooked a wonderful dinner for us! She told us we looked very hungry. Wonderful supportive and helpful people!

We are really looking forwards to see the final product when Linus has put his magic touch to it!

That´s some serious camera equipment!
Camera wizard!
Catching the sun
Jo is making friends with the actors
The man! The legend!

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