Nashville here we come!

We finally landed in Nashville! Rick met us at the airport and man were we happy to see eachother again after a year of work with Wildheart from two different continents!

Tomorrow is Wednesday and our first day of pre-rehearsals together with Adam. On Thursday we will meet the rest of the guys and rehearse with the full band followed up by a barbecue hang! It´s going to be a blast and we will blog about that as we go, so stay tuned!

The concert will last for about 1,5 hours and we will be playing fourteen songs at Alley Taps, downtown Nashville.

Jo has just converted to cowgirl and she´s already lovin´ it!
Nashville ground under us!
The eagle has landed in Nashville and all the bags and our pedal steel guitar was luckily in order in customs!
Peter, Rick and Jo in a big toast for meeting again!
A mandatory visit on Broadway!

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